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At Growing Great Sleepers, our speciality is gentle sleep training support and encouragement for parents of children 0-5 so that you can get the sleep you need.

Help My Baby Sleep


At Growing Great Sleepers, our speciality is support and encouragement for families who are ready to sleep train and grow their great sleeper

Help My Baby Sleep!

Let's make sleep happen!

Ready to stop spending hours putting your baby to sleep?

Ready to spend a relaxing evening with your spouse?

Ready to stop stressing about sleep?

Hello! I'm Lauren

I'm a mom, wife, pediatric nurse practitioner, and pediatric sleep consultant who loves sleep. Sleep is not just a want or a luxury, it is a need! I teach parents struggling with their child's sleep how to make sleep happen.

Meet Lauren
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One-on-One Support


Lauren will work with you to unpack your baby's sleep struggles and find the likely cause(s). She will create a step-by-step plan tailored to your baby and be there for support and encouragement  as you put this plan into action.

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Online Courses


These self-paced courses  designed with busy parents in mind. The modules are short and easy to consume...even while holding a sleeping baby. Walk away feeling confident and like you have a plan.

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Group Coaching


Work to make sleep a part of your family's life. In a virtual setting, you will learn from Lauren alongside other families with similar goals and similarly aged children. Think of it as a built-in cheering squad!

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What Moms Are Saying:

"My confidence in managing my son's sleep has soared as a result of working with Lauren"

"My baby sleeps so much better and my husband and I are like new people"

"It is so great to have our evenings back to connect as a couple"