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Helping Parents Confidently Navigate Baby & Toddler Sleep 

Helping families optimize sleep so they feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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Helping Parents Confidently Navigate Baby & Toddler Sleep 

Replacing frustration with peace and confidence.

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Baby sleeping with gentle sleep training

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One-on-One Coaching

Work with Lauren to understand your child's sleep struggles, create age-appropriate goals, and work towards those goals in a way that fits your parenting style and supports your child.

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Online Courses

Choose a self-paced course and learn the 5 building blocks of great sleep and how to gently help your child move towards falling asleep without assistance.

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Group Coaching

Join a coaching group for support and encouragement through the sleep coaching process. Learn how to use the 5 building blocks of great sleep and choose and implement a sleep coaching method.

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Hello! I'm Lauren,

A pediatric nurse practitioner, certified pediatric sleep consultant, and also a mom of two (soon to be three!) sweet children. 

When helping families, I combine my head knowledge about pediatric sleep with a heaping dose of practicality that comes from lived experience. I'll never ask you to do anything I was not willing to do with my own children. 

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Ready to stop spending hours putting your baby to sleep?

Ready to spend a relaxing evening with your spouse?

Ready to stop stressing about sleep?

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What Moms Are Saying:

"My confidence in managing my son's sleep has soared as a result of working with Lauren"

"My baby sleeps so much better and my husband and I are like new people"

"It is so great to have our evenings back to connect as a couple"

"I needed that reassurancethat I wasn't messing up his sleep"