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2-3 Year Old Sleep Tips

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2-3 Year old tips for sleep
Welcome to the show notes! Below you will find links mentioned in this episode:
Toddlerhood can be a time of wonder, but 2-3 year olds also often struggle with sleep. In this episode we'll cover a few key sleep tips:
- finding the perfect bedtime; not too early and not too late
- when to transition from the crib to the toddler bed
- creating and using a consistent bedtime routine
- navigating potty training & bedtime
- night terrors vs nightmares
- and more!
For more 2-3 year old sleep help, these links may also be of interest to you:

Are you ready to make sleep a thing at your house, but feel stuck or unsure how? Working with parents 1-1 to take the stress out of baby and toddler sleep is my joy.

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