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Ready for sleep success?

Growing Great Sleepers digital courses are designed to be worked through at your own pace. Each lesson is designed with busy parents in mind. Units are intentionally short so you can easily fit them into your day. The fluff has been removed to get straight to the information you want and need!

Baby sleep course on phone

Safe Sleep 101: A Parent's Guide To Safe Sleep For Babies 0-12 Months Of Age



Wondering if safe sleep is all it is hyped up to be?

  • Not just the how, but also the why
  • Practical, actionable steps to practice safe sleep at home
  • Tips for sticking with safe sleep even when you don't feel like it
  • A look at bed-sharing
  • Determining which products are safe for sleep
  • Ensuring safe sleep with babysitters or daycare
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Newborn Sleep 101: A Parent's Guide to Building a Solid Sleep Foundation From the Very Beginning


Stop stressing about newborn sleep and start feeling confident you understand your baby's sleep needs and how to meet them.

  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • Formula friendly
  • No rigid schedules
  • Cuddles encouraged
  • Gently starts teaching independent sleep - no tears!
  • Practical, actionable steps
  • Follow baby's cues
  • Evidence based
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