My title

 Hi! I’m Lauren


My job is to encourage you and support you as you help your child become a great sleeper!

 I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two children (soon to be three!). In addition to having the hands on baby & toddler sleep experience that comes with being a mom, I'm also pediatric nurse practitioner and certified pediatric sleep consultant.

It is an honor to walk with parents on their child's sleep journey. Pediatric sleep is not linear! There are ups and downs as children grow and develop. 

It brings me such joy to see parents go from overwhelmed and exhausted to  hopeful and confident in their ability to understand and navigate their child's current sleep needs.

My Sleep Philosophy


Sleep comes much more naturally for some babies than others. 

I love teaching parents what normal sleep for their child's age looks like. Sometimes, just having reassurance that what your child is doing is normal can be a huge relief! 

When sleep is not within the expected normal for a child's age, we take a deep dive to find likely reasons why. Then, we create realistic, age-appropriate goals and an actionable plan to work towards those goals. 

No two children are alike and even in the same family, children often have varying personalities and need differing approaches when it comes to helping them sleep better.

Working through sleep struggles is not a quick fix. I believe it does parents a disservice to promise specific results within a specific time period. This is because babies and toddlers are not robots and work according to their own time frame. Instead, 

Instead, I prefer to allow for a long enough support period to both work towards the sleep goal while also allowing for developmental changes (cognitive, verbal, and/or physical), teething, and other inevitable sleep disruptors that are part of a normal childhood sleep journey.

This way, parents have support while learning how to work through these normal sleep challenges in the way that works best for their families. 

As with most things parenting, a child's sleep changes as they grow. My goal is to help parents understand developmentally normal sleep changes and build a toolbox to navigate these changes with their child. 

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One-on-One Coaching

Work with Lauren to understand your child's sleep struggles, create age-appropriate goals, and work towards those goals in a way that fits your parenting style and supports your child. 

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Online Courses

Choose a self-paced course and learn the 5 building blocks of great sleep, gain an understanding of normal baby & toddler sleep, and learn how to gently help your child move towards falling asleep without assistance. 

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Group Coaching

Join a coaching group for support and encouragement through the sleep coaching process. Learn how to use the 5 building blocks of great sleep and choose and implement a sleep coaching method. 

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