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Hi!  I’m Lauren


I'm Lauren Garmon and I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and two children. I am a pediatric nurse practitioner and sleep consultant. My job is to encourage you and support you as you help your child become a great sleeper.

I love sleep, I love quality time with my husband, and I love that I get those two things daily because my children are great sleepers. 

I love helping other moms and dads say goodbye to the kiddo bedtime struggle and get their evenings back. 

Specifically, I love supporting parents through sleep training. There is no such thing as it being too late to sleep train.


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Here's a secret:


My children haven't always been amazing sleepers. My oldest had colic as a newborn. We're talking 5-6+ hours a night of crying despite every trick in the book and clearance by her doctors.

My youngest was a dream baby but fell into a sleep slump in early toddlerhood.

Sometimes sleep is a struggle due to development. This was the case with my daughter's colic. We waited it out then began working on sleep training and building healthy sleep habits. 

Most of the time, sleep struggles are due to current sleep habits. This was the case with my son's toddler sleep slump.

I had let him fall into the habit of being nursed back to sleep at night. Now, there is ZERO wrong with this in and of itself. But for us, at his age, neither of us were getting the sleep we needed and it showed during the day. 

So, I took him back to the basics traded his habit of nursing when he woke up for a new habit of falling back to sleep by himself. 

All of us, babies and toddlers included, are happier people when we get the sleep our bodies need! 

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Ready to get started?


I'll be honest. There is no such thing a a secret sauce for sleep. I don't have a magic wand or sleep dust. What I can give you is a realistic plan, encouragement through the hard parts of sleep training, and save you time from scrolling endlessly on Google for another book or blog post. 

Join one of my courses or grab my 1-1 support! 

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Newborn Sleep 101


Develop healthy sleep habits from the start in a gentle, age-appropriate way. 

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One-on-One Support


Work with Lauren 1-1 to create and implement an easy to follow sleep training plan with support and encouragement each step of the way

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Coming Soon: Sleep Training Made Easy


A parent-friendly, developmentally appropriate sleep training e-course for 6-24 months.