Are you ready to help your newborn build great sleep habits?

Newborn Sleep 101 is waiting for you!

This digital course is for parents of babies 0-12 weeks old who desire to create healthy sleep habits and gently teach independent sleep. There is no leaving your baby to cry involved and cuddles are encouraged!

Newborn Sleep 101 will help you stop dreading bedtime and look forward to it instead. Your newborn will not sleep all night by the end of this course, but you will have the tools to teach independent sleep at the pace that works for you and your baby.

This e-course is all about helping you feel confident in your ability to help your baby fall asleep in the crib or bassinet, make an age-appropriate flexible schedule, navigate night wakings, and more!

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Actionable Steps You Can Take To Build a Solid Sleep Foundation From The Beginning

This digital course is jam packed full of information you can apply in your home as you walk through the newborn period.

No two babies are exactly alike. Inside the Newborn Sleep 101, we talk about what works for most babies, and also how to tweak as needed for your unique baby.

The newborn period can feel stressful and exhausting. Lauren can't hold your baby for you while you take a nap (she would if she could!), but she can equip you with the tools you need to confidently build a solid sleep foundation for your baby.

All babies move at their own pace, but the sooner you start laying that sleep foundation, the sooner your entire family will get the rest you need.

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Purchase Course $35


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What you get:

- A comprehensive newborn sleep course built with you in mind. Modules are short and to the point, easy to consume while feeding or rocking a baby. All videos have subtitles to make noiseless watching a breeze.

- You will walk away with a complete tool kit for understanding newborn sleep and how to develop solid sleep habits at an early age.

- Lifetime access to course materials. Purchase once and use now and with future children.

Course Outline:

- Welcome:

  • Before We Start
  • Bringing Home Baby
  • Safe Sleep
  • Bed-sharing
  • Your Sleep Philosophy

-  Part One: Understanding Newborn Sleep:

  • Newborn Sleep Works Differently Than Adult Sleep
  • Setting Realistic Expectations
  • Navigating Day vs Night Confusion

- Part Two: Creating Solid Sleep Habits:

  • A Sleep-friendly Bedroom
  • Why Schedule Is Not A Bad Word
  • Consistency Is Key

- Part Three: Teaching Independent Sleep:

  • One Day At A Time
  • It Starts With Naps
  • Independent Sleep Meets Nighttime

- Bonus Modules:

  • Help! My Baby Has Colic
  • Multiples: Twins, Triplets, & More
  • Planning For Daycare

- Wrap-up: 

  • Moving Past The Newborn Stage



Purchase Course $35

What this class is NOT

- Sleep training

- Leaving baby to cry

- A strict feeding or sleep schedule

- Not feeding baby at night


What this class IS:

- Slowly but surely building healthy sleep habits  

- Learning a soothing ladder to use at naps, bedtime, and overnight to gently teach independent sleep

- Taking away the stress that comes with not understanding how baby sleep works

- Helping you confidently navigate your newborn's sleep