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Have Questions About Safe Sleep?

The phrase "safe sleep" is used a lot in the baby world. But what exactly is safe sleep? Why is it important? How can you follow safe sleep practices at home? 

In Safe Sleep 101: A Parent's Guide for 0-12 Months we will talk about both the why and the how of safe sleep. You'll walk away equipped to provide a safe environment for both naps and nighttime sleep. 

We will also talk about the often unspoken topic of bed-sharing as safely as possible. It is estimated as many as 80% of American families bed-share at least sometimes. Yet many families are reluctant to disclose this to their pediatrician for fear of being judged.

Growing Great Sleeper's goal is that each family will make an informed decision regarding safe sleep in their home.

You will also find tips for sticking to safe sleep even when you are exhausted. Come on in!

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