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Say goodbye to stress and hello to sleep!

It is time to feel supported, encouraged, and informed while you work to help your child sleep better.

Working with Lauren one-on-one and having your own personal pediatric sleep coach gives you the support and knowledge that will equip you to move from stressed about your child's sleep to calm and confident in your ability to meet your child's sleep needs in a way that is developmentally appropriate and works for your family. 

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Newborn Support

Designed specifically for parents of newborns 1-12 weeks old.


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Infant & Toddler Support

Designed specifically for parents of children 6 months through 3 years old.


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Why Use a Sleep Coach?

 Is it possible to go through the sleep coaching process on your own? Of course! Many families do this successfully. Some buy a book, some take a course, others talk to a friend. DIY sleep coaching is a great fit for many families. 

Other families choose to work one-on-one with a sleep coach. The families I have worked with tell me how much they love having input from a knowledgeable 3rd party, this is especially true when parents have differing thoughts concerning sleep coaching. 

Other families tell me the biggest benefit for them was having that one-on-one support that you just don't get from a book or a course.

Working one-on-one with a sleep coach means getting answers to your specific questions and concerns. It means having an actionable plan tailored to your specific situation, child's temperament, and your parenting style. It also means celebrations of your wins both big and small as we look at your child's progress over time.

Mom of 15-month-old  Baby A

"If you had told us 10 days ago that he would be sleeping this well, we wouldn't have believed you! It sure seems like Lauren has a secret sauce!"

Mom of 7-month-old Baby N

"My life has completely changed! My son now falls asleep on his own for naps. That has been a complete game changer"

Mom of 11-month-old Baby C

"My entire night was spent getting my baby to sleep. Now, I have my evenings back! I am much less stressed now that sleep is not a constant struggle"

Your Path To Smoother Nights

Let's make sleep happen, together.

There are 6 easy steps to working individually with Lauren:

1. Choose your package

2. Purchase your package

3. Schedule your consultation

4. Have your consultation 

5. Receive follow-up support as per the package you chose. 

6. Celebrate all of your child's sleep wins, both big and small!

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