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Bring Peace Back To Naps and Nights

One question you have is "how will I teach my baby independent sleep?". That is a great question with a multi-layered answer.

There is so much more to successful sleep training than simply choosing and using a sleep training, or sleep coaching, method.

When working with Lauren, she will take a comprehensive look at your child's sleep and give you an actionable sleep plan for your child. 

The plan is certainly important, but the biggest benefit of all to working one-on-one with Lauren is the support and encouragement you receive. 

Basic Package


This is a great choice for parents who have sleep questions but do not need a complete sleep plan. 

- 1 phone or video consultation call

- 1 written summary

- 4 follow-up emails

Cost: $180

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Standard Package


This is a great choice for parents who need to see a positive change ASAP and are open to a range of methods ranging from very direct to more gradual.

Depending on method chosen, significant results may be seen in 2-3 weeks or less.

- 1 phone or video consultation call

- 1 written sleep plan

- 2 weeks of email/Voxer support

- 2 follow-up calls up to 15 minutes each during the support period


Cost: $270

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Deluxe Package


This is a great choice for parents who currently bed-share or use 2 or more sleep associations to get your baby to sleep (such as rocking + nursing), and prefer to use a "low cry" method of sleep training.

These methods are very hands on and often take 6-8+ weeks to see significant results.

- 1 phone or video consultation call

- 1 written sleep plan

- 3 months of email/Voxer support

- 6 follow-up calls up to 15 minutes each during the 3 months of support

Cost: $565

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Your Path To Smoother Nights

Let's make sleep happen, together.

There are 6 easy steps to working individually with Lauren:

1. Choose your package

2. Purchase your package

3. Schedule your consultation

4. Have your consultation 

5. Receive follow-up support as per the package you chose. 

6. Celebrate all of your child's sleep wins, both big and small!

baby sleep trainer in nursery


"I used to spend at least an hour each night helping my daughter fall asleep, only to turn around to have her wake up a short time later. Rinse, wash, and repeat at least 2-3 more times! My entire night was spent getting my baby to sleep. After sleep training, I have my evenings back! My husband and I can enjoy talking during dinner knowing our daughter is sleeping peacefully. I am much less stressed now that sleep is not a constant struggle."


"I was so nervous about sleep training! I have two older children who were naturally great sleepers. My last child was not! Juggling 3 kids is hard on the best of days but having a baby who wouldn't sleep unless held made it even crazier. My life has completely changed! My son now falls asleep on his own for naps. That has been a complete game changer. I can finally give my older children some individual attention while he sleeps."