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Say goodbye to stress and hello to sleep!

Work with Lauren one-on-one to bring peace to your child's naps and nights.

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Say Goodbye to...

- baby, toddler, or preschooler bedtime stress

- hours of trying to get your child back to sleep

- driving to work exhausted because you are up all night, every night

- never having time to connect with your spouse in the evenings because getting your baby to sleep takes all evening

- bed-sharing out of desperation

Say Hello To...

- Saying goodnight to your child and walking out of the room; knowing your child is able to fall asleep unassisted

- Knowing your child is getting enough sleep

- Having time in the evenings to connect with your spouse, work, relax, or binge your favorite show

- Knowing you are doing what works for both your child and you

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Basic Package


This is a great choice for parents who have sleep questions but do not want a complete sleep plan. 

- 1 phone or video consultation call

- 1 written summary

Cost: $180

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Standard Package


This is a great choice for parents who need to see a positive change ASAP and are open to a range of methods ranging from very direct to more gradual.

Depending on method chosen, significant results may be seen in 2-3 weeks or less.

- 1 phone or video consultation call

- 1 written sleep plan

- 2 weeks of email/Voxer support

- 1 follow-up call up to 15 minutes during the support period


Cost: $295

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Deluxe Package


This is a great choice for parents who currently bed-share or use 2 or more sleep associations to get your baby to sleep (such as rocking + nursing), and prefer to use a "low cry" method of sleep training.

These methods are very hands on and often take 6-8+ weeks to see significant results.

- 1 phone or video consultation call

- 1 written sleep plan

- 2 months of email/Voxer support

- 4 follow-up calls up to 15 minutes each during the support period

Cost: $620

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Why Use a Sleep Consultant?


There is so much more to successful sleep coaching than simply choosing and using a method.

When working with Lauren, she will take a comprehensive look at your child's sleep. This includes sleep environment, sleep schedule, sleep routine, and developmental stage.

She will use this information to help you craft realistic goals, a realistic timeline, and an actionable plan to help your child sleep better and fall asleep unassisted.

The biggest benefit of working one-on-one with Lauren is having someone in your corner who supports and cheers you on throughout the sleep coaching process. You've got this!

Mom of 15-month-old  Baby A

"If you had told us 10 days ago that he would be sleeping this well, we wouldn't have believed you! It sure seems like Lauren has a secret sauce!"

Mom of 7-month-old Baby N

"My life has completely changed! My son now falls asleep on his own for naps. That has been a complete game changer"

Mom of 11-month-old Baby C

"My entire night was spent getting my baby to sleep. Now, I have my evenings back! I am much less stressed now that sleep is not a constant struggle"

Your Path To Smoother Nights

Let's make sleep happen, together.

There are 6 easy steps to working individually with Lauren:

1. Choose your package

2. Purchase your package

3. Schedule your consultation

4. Have your consultation 

5. Receive follow-up support as per the package you chose. 

6. Celebrate all of your child's sleep wins, both big and small!

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